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Save thousands on your total install cost.

Install solar panels for as low as  $1.53/watt  in West Texas.

Sunhut-Lowest Priced Solar Panels in El Paso.
Sunhut-Lowest Priced Solar Panels in El Paso.
Sunhut-Lowest Priced Solar Panels in El Paso.
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 Lowest priced  solar panels in West Texas.

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Included in all solar systems at no extra cost.

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*Pricing above is after 30% Federal Tax Credit
(Pricing before Tax Credits are applied.)

 Zero sales calls ever! 

Install Solar for as low as $1.53/watt.

 In 3 easy steps. 

Get your FREE solar proposal without having to talk a single sales agent ever.

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 Without having to talk to a sales   agent find out with your proposal: 

  1. What solar system size you need.

  2. Picture of your roof where panels would go.

  3. Total Cost (before + after incentives).

  4. Return of Investment (break even point).

  5. New utility power bill after solar.

  6. $0 Money Down Loan Payment Options.

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Solar Panels don't save you money...

 if you pay too much for them. 

Paying to much to have your solar panels installed is the #1 reason many home owners pay more to power their home with solar panels than they did before.


 Don’t make the same mistake! 

When it comes to saving money with solar panels its all about the final price you pay to have them installed.


 The lower your total install cost the more you save! 

Unfortunatly its almost impossible to go solar without having to go through a sales agent.

And all sales agents get paid some type of commission for helping you out.

These commission can range anywhere from $100/kw to $1000/kw in some extreme cases.

This means that for a 10kw system a sales agent can make anywhere from $1000-$10,000 in commission!

This commisison of course is added right on top of your total installation cost,

taking the money you could of saved out of your pocket into your sales agents pocket.

Therefor cut out the sales agent and their commission and save thousands on your total install cost.

That is why Sunhut Solar has cut out the sales agent and their hefty sales commissions saving you thousands on your total install cost.

Get your FREE Detailed Solar Proposal and see the price difference for yourself without ever having to go through a sales agent.

 Zero sales calls ever! 

Install Solar Panels for as low as $1.53/watt 
 without going through a single sales agent. 

Zero Sales Agents = $0 Sales Commissions

$0 Sales Commissions = Thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

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 FREE detailed solar proposal. 

Get a free detailed solar proposal of your home without talking to a single sales agent with the same information they would give you.


  • Get a detailed image of where the solar panels would be installed on your roof.

  • Find out how many solar panels you need to cover your energy needs.

  • Total cost to install plus incentives available.

  • Check out all of our $0 down financing options and pick the best payment option for you!


Once your ready to begin your solar project just schedule your onboarding call with one of project managers... and no, they are not a sales agent disguised as a project manager!

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