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Lowest Price Guarantee Policy

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Join Sunhut LLC in helping the planet by switching to solar energy. Understand how much solar power can save you money on your electricity bill. We're currently offering a guarantee to match prices on eligible solar panel systems.

Who Can Apply

Sunhut LLC will look at each proposal to compare prices per watt. Your proposal might qualify for a price match if it meets these rules:

Similar System

The proposal must offer a solar system that's about the same size as the one you ordered from Sunhut LLC.  It also needs to include an Enphase inverters and have a warranty for at least:

Workmanship- 10YR

Roof Penetration-5YR

Recent Quote

The quote from another company must be dated within 14 days of when you ordered from Sunhut LLC. It should show the same way of paying (like cash or financing) and include costs for permits and installation. The quote can't have any discounts.

Matching Owner Details

The quote must have the same name and address that you used when you ordered solar panels from Sunhut LLC.

How to Get a Price Match

First, place an order with Sunhut LLC. Then, send us the quote from the other company by contacting us by email at


We'll check if your prices match and let you know if you're eligible.

We need to do this before you give us any payment details.

Sunhut LLC has the right to say no to any price match requests that we think aren't honest. By sending us a quote from another company, you agree that Sunhut LLC can talk to that company to check the details. We might have to share your name and address. Sunhut LLC can stop this program whenever we want and without telling you first. Price match deals can't be given to other customers and can't be used with any other discounts or offers.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about our "Lowest Price Gurantee", please contact by email at, or by phone at 1-800-261-2835.

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