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Thank You!

Your solar proposal is on it's way.

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What happens next?

You will recieve a text and email with a link to view your custom solar proposal.

 Don't worry... 

We promise zero sales agents will try to call, text or email you at any point ever!

What are you getting exactly?

You will get a detailed accurate solar proposal just like the one bellow, with the same information you would get from a sales agent.

  • Your solar system size: how many solar panels you need based on the power usage you enter.

  • Where exactly your solar panels should go based on the amount of sun each of roof planes gets while following fire roof sets backs.

  • Solar equipment Sunhut would install.


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This proposal will tell you:

Total year 1 solar production and breakdown of solar production each month.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 114554.png

How much energy you currently buy from your Utility company in a year that you can offset with your solar system and what your  NEW Utility Bill After Solar. 


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Find out the total cost for your solar system along with any incentives available to you.


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Check out your payment options. Review and compare all the 
$0 money down loan options  we have available and pick the best option for you.

We accept any independent financing options out there! Such as home equity loans and HELOCs! 

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Check out how much you can save the next 30 years if you install solar panels.  Instead of just sticking it out with your utility company 100%.

 Next step  after getting your solar proposal.

Once your ready to start your solar project there will be a link at the bottom of the text and email you got with your solar proposal. Just click the link to schdule your onboarding call with one of our project managers who will be your point of contact throught the entire process...

And no, they are not sales agents disguised as project managers!

You will have the option to apply for financing on our own by clicking the "apply" button in your proposal.  You do not need to apply first before sheduling your onboarding call, your project manger will help you apply for your solar loan and sign all required documents during your onboarding call.

For any questions or changes on your proposal call us or email us at :


You can also reach us on our website online chat at the bottom of your screen.

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