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Thank You!

Your Solar Project Onboarding Call has been scheduled!

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What happens next?

You will recieve a text and email with a link for your zoom meeting for your Onboarding Call.

 Your Onbording Call will get rescheduled if ... 

In order to begin your Onboarding call we need your last utility bill and you need to have a email where you can recieve and sign documents live during your Onboarding call.

Otherwise we will sadly have to reschedule your Onboarding Call for another time when you do have everything needed :(

What do you need?

Please make sure to have the following items ready to help us start your solar project off on the right foot.

1. Your last utility bill. 

Why we need it: In order to set the expectations right on how much your solar system will offset your current utility bill, we need to confirm the total amount of energy you purchased the last 12 months from your utility company.

Second we will need the account and meter number on your utility bill to submit your solar system interconnection application with your utility company for approval to connect your solar system to the local power grid and get credited for any energy exported to the grid.

2. Email

Why we need it: All install and loan applications and agreements are completed and  signed digitally.

What will we go over during your Onboarding Call?

Your Solar Project Onboarding call is crucial in making sure you have a smooth solar installation expierence.

This is the time to make sure we have all our ducks in a row.  We will:

1. Answer any questions or concerns you may have.

2. Make sure we are installing enough solar panels based on the energy consumption off your utility bill.

3. Confirm the final location of your solar system on your roof or property.

4. Confirm the final total cost to install and incentives available.

5. Select payment method: CASH or $0 Money Down Solar Loan.

6. Apply for solar loan.

7. Sign Sunhut Install agreement and solar loan agreement.

8. Submit photos of your electrical main panel and roof.

9. Kick back and relax we got it from here!


Talk to you soon!

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