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Sunhut-Lowest Priced Solar Panels in El Paso.

Solar Project

Onboarding Call

Onboarding Call Overview

onboarding call.png
time needed onbaording call.png

Energy Consumption Verification

utility bill logo.png

We need a clear front and back photo of your latest power bill.

enphase micro 2.png

Micro Inverters at no extra cost.

enphase micro 2.png

Maximize your solar energy production with the #1 Solar Inverter in the industry.

Roof Types

flat roofs 2.png

Number of Panels


Total Added Cost


Total Added Cost


metal roofs 2.png
tile roofs 2.png
roof adder costs.png

Connecting your Solar System to your main panel.

 When are electrical upgrades needed? 

We must follow this electrical code requirement:

sizing your solar breaker.png
electrical upgrades.png
electrical extra costs.png
warranties 4.png
enphase app.png

Need help finding what size charger you need?

Lowest Price Gurantee

In order to qualify for a price match:

Solar proposal must include:


  • Enphase Micro Inverters

  • Same or greater wattage solar panels

  • Workmanship Warranty: Minimum 10YRS

  • Roof Warranty- Minimum 5YRS

Competing Quote must be dated within 14 days of your Sunhut Install Agreement.

Be in under the same contact the Sunhut Install Agreement is under.

Sunhut has the right to say no to any price match requests that we think aren't honest. By sending us a quote from another company, you agree that Sunhut LLC can talk to that company to check the details. We might have to share your name and address.

CASH Payment Schedule

Total System Cost:






All invoices will be sent electronically via email

$0 Money Down Loans


Loan Terms:

mosiac terms.png

Interest Rate:

Picking the right loan for you.

 What is more important to you? 

Dealer Fee vs Interest rate

dealer fee vs interest rate.png

The lower the interest rate the higher the dealer fee is.

dealer fee graph.png

Install Timeline

 First Step 

Sign Loan and Install Agreement

install timeline.png

Site Survey

We need your help taking a couple photos of your home.


These photos are necessary in order to start on your CAD Designs.


We will send you a link to submit your photos, just follow the step by step on your link for a fast and easy completion.

Unfortunately we can’t start on your solar project until we have these photos.


To avoid any delays and have your solar project completed in a timely manner please submit required photos as soon as possible.

Contact Us



Office:  7362 Remcon Circle, El Paso, TX

Main: 1.800.261.2835

El Paso: 915.209.5944

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